Land Degradation
Global environmental problems as defined by the GEF are the loss of biological diversity, climate change and pollution of international waters. Land Degradation, primarily deforestation and desertification, was eligible for funding during the first decade of GEF if related to the above-mentioned three GEF Focal Areas. In October 2002, the GEF Assembly approved land degradation as a new focal area taking into account the objectives of the Convention to Combat Desertification (CCD). By mid 2002, SGP's grant portfolio included over 400 projects (out of 3,200) related to land degradation for an approximate value of $8 million.

Initiatives include: conservation and restoration of arid and semi-arid areas; efficient stoves  and  biogas to reduce forest loss; integrated watershed management; soil conservation; afforestation; prevention of forest fires; and organic farming among others. A number of projects address policy and other barriers to mitigating land degradation (e.g. land tenure, access to natural resources).

Projects are implemented according following GEF Operational Programmes

OP15- Operational Program on Sustainable Land Management