Compilation of series of best practices and newsletter for sharing of GEF/SGP Sri Lanka experience by Sri Lanka Environmental and Exploration Society (SRL/SGP/OP4Year2/RAF/09/15)
District: All Districts  
Grantee: Sri Lanka Environmental and Exploration Society - SLEES (Non-government Organization)
Focal Area: Multifocal Area  
Op. Program: Multiple Operational Programs  
Project Type: Full  
Operational Phase: OP4 - Y2 (Jul 08 - Jun 09)  
Dates: September 2010 September 2010                                
Grant Amount: 35 500,00 USD
Project Status: Satisfactorily Completed  
Project Types: Demonstration  
Project Details & Results
Project Details & Results Sharing information about GEF/SGP activities for better knowledge and successful project implementation. Awareness creation with newspaper articles, information dockets, publication of newsletters in all three languages, dissemination of E- newsletter and publication of success stories etc.
Notable Community Participation          
Participation of all partner organizations to send information on their past and ongoing projects. Significant achievements will be highlighted and special emphasis will be placed on original solutions found to common problems/ constraints affecting small projects concerned with protection of the environment in Sri Lanka. The Newsletter co-coordinator will visit their project site or office for detailed discussions and eliciting other useful information. After distributing the first of the news
Capacity - Building Component          
There are many activities in this project such as collection of information of past and ongoing GEF projects (Photographs, Newsletters, Reports), Site visits to GEF/SGP projects and write and edit success stories, news and feature articles. Project implementers have many opportunities to build their capacity through this project.
Emphasis on Sustainable Livelihoods          
Dissemination of success stories collection and News letters to the policy makers, nongovernmental organizations and community based organizations, They can implement or replicate those success projects in their area. It will be useful for their livelihoods.
Gender Focus          
Most of projects funded by the GEF/ SGP programme include environment and gender focus activities. So, it will highlights in the Newsletters and Success stories collection.
Significant Participation of Indigenous Peoples          
Objectives of this project are awareness creation on GEF/SGP projects and activities of partner organizations, National Steering Committee (NSC), UN officers, and others, as relevant, exchange information and experience between GEF/SGP partner organizations and NSC members, increase transparency concerning project approval, implementation and the monitoring process, give publicity to successful projects and discuss identified problem areas/failures, during implementation.
Promoting Public Awareness of Global Environment          
According to the GEF/SGP phase ii Evaluation Report, the evaluation team has suggested ensuring the extension of community level initiatives in GEF areas of concern through sharing of experience, networking and collaboration ventures. Thus, the GEF/SGP National Steering Committee (NSC) has decided to disseminate information to all SGP partner organizations and other relevant parties. With this in view, the NSC has decided to publish Success Stories and newsletter in Sinhala, Tamil and English la
Project Results