Rehabilitation of 30 hectares of degraded paddy lands in Walpitayaya, Homagama by Wanasarana Thurulatha Swechcha Society
District: Colombo  
Grantee: Wanasarana Thurulatha Swechcha Society
Focal Area: Biodiversity  
Op. Program:  
Project Type:  
Operational Phase: Phase 6  
Dates: September 2010 September 2010                                
Grant Amount:
Project Status: Currently under execution  
Project Types:  
Project Details & Results
Notable Community Participation          
Capacity - Building Component          
Project capacity building is carried out under following items: New and effective methods of organic farming, Skills development in selecting local paddy varieties suitable to their fields and Nursery and reforestation techniques.
Emphasis on Sustainable Livelihoods          
The beneficiaries will earn an alternative income from paddy cultivation and vegetable cultivation from koratu lands. In addition, plant nurseries will be set up for tree planting activities of the project and these nurseries will provide an additional income for youth farmers.
Gender Focus          
Women and men are expected to participate equally in project work. In organic farming men are mainly participating and home garden work is done by women. During self-employment majority of women are participating.
Significant Participation of Indigenous Peoples          
No indigenous peoples are involved in project activities
Promoting Public Awareness of Global Environment          
Erecting publicity boards in the site, Community awareness meetings, Awareness raising for public servants, officers, Promote news articles in public newspapers
Project Results          
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