Initiative on wetland conservation and livelihood enhancement by a youth community group by Emotional Intelligence and Life Skills Training Team (Gte) Ltd
District: Colombo  
Grantee: Emotional Intelligence and Life Skills Training Team (Gte) Ltd
Focal Area: Land Degradation  
Op. Program:  
Project Type:  
Operational Phase: Phase 6  
Dates: September 2010 September 2010                                
Grant Amount:
Project Status: Currently under execution  
Project Types:  
Project Details & Results
Notable Community Participation          
Capacity - Building Component          
Trainings will include project reformulation, log frame development, GIS technology and mapping, monitoring and evaluation in projects.
Emphasis on Sustainable Livelihoods          
The project will provide 10 loan facilities for 10 ecofriendly social enterprisers to startup a new business or develop their existing business. The social enterprises will be environmentally friendly such as involving eco-friendly products which will improve the wetland health condition. The project will provide opportunities for the selected entrepreneurs to link with international and local markets by connecting with Sri Lanka tourism and private sectors. The project will provide training opp
Gender Focus          
The project will mobilize a number of youth leaders and community volunteers and these selected leaders will represent both males and females. There are many women and men in the community who are nature lovers and are already engaged in environmental activities. The volunteers identified during the project period will also have a representation of both males and females. Most of the families in the Kolonnawa Division are headed by women due to bad practices and addiction to recreational drugs
Significant Participation of Indigenous Peoples          
This project does not work with indigenous people
Promoting Public Awareness of Global Environment          
Social media is an emerging trend in Sri Lanka. According to the statistics released by Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRC), the number of mobile broadband connections has doubled each year, registering an average growth of nearly 96.5% during the past six years. Fixed internet connections have also registered a praiseworthy growth of 68%. While e-commerce is still a budding industry in Sri Lanka, social media is taking leaps and strides among the local internet users. Fac
Project Results          
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