Capacity Building and Knowledge Management of the Project Partners of GEF Small Grants Projects implemented in the Urban Wetlands of Colombo by Surakshi Women for Conservation
District: Colombo  
Grantee: Surakshi Women for Conservation
Focal Area: Capacity Development  
Op. Program:  
Project Type: Full  
Operational Phase: Phase 6  
Dates: October 2017 June 2020                                
Grant Amount: US$ 50,000.00
Project Status: Currently under execution  
Project Types:  
Project Details & Results
The Project aims to provide the necessary support to SGP grantees, communities, and other stakeholders in the landscape area of the Colombo Urban Wetland to network, share and document best practices and lessons learnt, develop capacities and skills to maintain the initiatives, facilitate the scaling up of selected projects in order to achieve the goal of influencing policy and affect change. The project will also provide logistical assistance in the monitoring of the initiatives to the Nati
Notable Community Participation          
Capacity - Building Component          
Emphasis on Sustainable Livelihoods          
Gender Focus          
Significant Participation of Indigenous Peoples          
Promoting Public Awareness of Global Environment          
Project Results          
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