Restoration of 151 ha. of degraded abandoned paddy lands in Watareka Surrounding wetlands, Homagama through cultivating local paddy varieties while up scaling other ongoing farming SGP projects.
District: Colombo  
Grantee: Human Development Foundation of Sri Lanka (HDFSL)
Focal Area: Biodiversity  
Op. Program:  
Project Type: Strategic Project  
Operational Phase: Phase 06  
Dates: July 2010 March 2021                                
Grant Amount: US$ 90,000.00
Project Status: Currently under execution  
Project Types:  
Project Details & Results
Wateraka surrounding wetlands have been neglected for decades and biodiversity has rapidly decreased due to misuse of the wetlands. The wetland paddy lands have also been abandoned for around two decades. Therefore, creating awareness of the wise use of wetlands could be useful for the community. In cultivating these abandoned lands, farmers also face issues of invasive species growth in the paddy lands and mud filled irrigation water canals. Overcoming these obstacles is too costly of a venture
Notable Community Participation          
HDFSL's main focus on youth is to help them with obtaining helpful means of self-employment. The youth was involved in the following activities. 1. Project planning 2. Base line survey 3. Bio-diversity survey 4. 40% of members of govi sanvidhanaya are youth 5. Youth in-kind participation in water canal digging 6. Paddy cultivation parachute planting 7. Resource center construction activities. 8. Self-employees 30% are youth girls. 1. Paddy cultivation procedure implementation through Govi San
Capacity - Building Component          
It has been identified that farmers need knowledge on new innovations, technology and efficient agricultural and farming techniques that can be carried out without the use of harmful chemicals and to cut down the costs involved in farming. We have also noted that community members need proper training on product development, marketing and branding to enhance their small businesses and the quality of life in the relative villages. Capacity Building Activities 02 Workshops were held for the NGO me
Emphasis on Sustainable Livelihoods          
1. The income of 102 farmers increased by 80% out of the paddy yield got in 2019 maha season paddy cultivation. 2. (18) Vegetable farmers increased their monthly income by 65% out of selling their vegetable harvest. 3. (11) Self employee’s community members got approximately (Rs6000-Rs10000) monthly income by selling their self-employment products. The livelihood measures mentioned above were not generated prior to the projects initiation. HDFSL promotes the upbringing of the livelihood of the m
Gender Focus          
There is a fairly equal Male/Female participation rate in the project activities. The project is beneficial to women as they are given the chance to be self-employed and bring an income for their families. The project also focuses on enhancing knowledge on manufacturing products such as Pan items, dry food items, homemade sweets etc., this is a potential means of income. By investing in these farmlands and farmers, the males benefited as they were given training on agriculture and farming, their
Significant Participation of Indigenous Peoples          
Local language usage: Interior farmer community in Barawa, uses traditional local language in communication that comes directly from the indigenous population. The Barawa community uses traditional beliefs and traditions in their work and farming practices. During paddy harvesting occasions they exhibited their own cultural activities as it is of much importance to them. Community is closely participating in proposal writing, field visiting and in information gathering work. During the activity
Promoting Public Awareness of Global Environment          
01. Erection of 05 separate name boards to introduce the project in 04 sites. 02. Having meetings at temples and schools to create public awareness about the project. 03. Having a ceremonial public opening for canal digging with the participation of Agrarian officer, Irrigation office and other govt. and private authorities in the area. 04. Having a paddy harvesting ceremony with good participation of villagers and government officers.
Project Results          
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