Marine and Coastal Resource Conservation Foundation (MCRCF)

Marine and Coastal Resources Conservation Foundation (MCRCF) is a locally empowered non- governmental organization based in Kalpitiya, North Western Province of Sri Lanka. MCRCF was founded in 2006 by a group of local environmental leadership and professionals with sound environmental conservation background.

MCRCF is a conservation model that geared on belief in the ability and the knowledge of local people and communities in natural resource conservation. In view of the challenging task of balancing conservation and poverty eradication, MCRCF is pay more attention on investment in livelihoods, skill development and environmental education and awareness as the most effective strategy for natural resource conservation in developing environment. Since 2006, MCRCF experienced substantial amount of positive and sustainable outcomes through such interventions. In 2011, MCRCF won the International SEED award for the best women empowered sustainable livelihood initiative.

Based on the experience gained from the previous conservation and livelihood initiatives, we expand our focus on building community resilience against climate change repercussions, research, environmental impact assessment, knowledge management as well as community monitoring to strength the conservation outcomes.

MCRCF is primarily working with the community members and the local organizations in planning, implementation and monitoring from the beginning of the projects and programmes. We pay specific attention on traditional knowledge possess with the community members in project planning and implementation. While we are paying priority on the community needs and aspiration, closely working with the government institutions and the private sector to maintain consistency and sustainable outcomes. In addition, MCRCF is collaborating with international partner organizations such as ICRAN, CREE, IUCN and SOCMON in capacity enhancement, knowledge sharing and generating funds for environmental conservation initiatives. We are currently involved in UNDP/GEF/SGP OP V as knowledge management and capacity building facilitators.



Knowledge Management and Capacity building for GEF/SGP Operational Phase 05 partners in Sri Lanka.

Introduce new fishing techniques and no fishing zones to curtail excessive fishing in the Thalaimannar Pier Coastal area across 131 hectares and introduce environment friendly techniques to promote dry fish production to ensure sustainability among low income fishing by Soba Kantha Environment Management and Community Development Foundation.

Coral reef conservation and coastal zone management programme by Wildlife Research and Conservation Trust (Biodivercity)

Traditional knowledge of Ola leaf inscription and traditional food techniques by RangiriThakshanaPiyasa (Biodivercity)

Ex situ conservation and commercial scale cultivation of indigenous yam varieties by Community Development Centre (Biodivercity)

Empowering Special Needs and Socially Marginalized Youth Towards Eco-Friendly Activities by Y Generation Sri Lanka. (Biodivercity)

Reduce Deforestation and Preserve Biodiversity at Rajawaka Forest Through Introduction of an Alternative Source for Timber Sticks Used in Bean Farming by Sabaragamuwa Community Development Foundation (Biodivercity)

Protecting water resource and bio diversity and preventing human elephant conflict in the Sorogune-weliOya area by RukRakaganno (Biodivercity)

Management and conservation of mangrove ecosystem of Manthai west coastal community through livelihood assistance by Community Aid Foundation (Biodivercity)

Women's participation in improving fish drying techniques with fuel efficient stoves by Soba Kantha Environment Management and Community Development Foundation (Climate Change)

Construction of Salt Water Exclusion Bund and empowering Youth and Women as social agents by Community Development Organization (International Water)

Conservation of Bamboo species, promoting bamboo as a raw material for furniture and other uses by Arunalu Community Development Centre (Land Degradation)

Address the adverse effects of land degradation towards livelihood development and enhanced food security by Sri Lanka Center for Development Facilities (Land Degradation)

Community Forest Conservation and Land Management Program in Dikpitiya- by Narangala Conservation Foundation (Land Degradation)

Knowledge Management and Capacity Building Initiatives for Operational Phase V, GEF/ SGP by Marine and Coastal Resources Conservation Foundation (Capacity Development)