Tropical Ecosystem Research Network (TERN)

Tropical Ecosystem Research Network (TERN) is a registered nonprofit organization, dedicated to biodiversity conservation and environmental protection in Sri Lanka, through facilitating research, education, conservation,sustainable development and community outreach.

We started with three founder members in 2010 and grew into a dynamic family over the years. We engage in networking for problem solving and the delivery of innovative solutions that meet the needs of both people and nature.

TERN works with a number of local and international organizations to bring together knowledge and skills. Working in one of the most diverse and unique ecosystems on earth, our work ensures long term support for the vulnerable wildlife and local communities. We welcome community members to help engage their own community to solving environmental issues at the grassroots levels and mobilize community based conservation programs that would bring sustainable economic benefits to stake holders.

Our project scope includes knowledge management and capacity building, research and training in the field of Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Management, Organizing meetings, conferences and other local and international gatherings to disseminate knowledge and collaborating with governmental and nongovernmental parties to achieve common environmental management goals. UNDP/GEF/SGP OP V and UN-REDD+ CBR+projects are the most recent involvement of our organization as knowledge management and capacity building facilitators.




Knowledge Management and Capacity building for GEF/SGP Operational Phase 05 partners in Sri Lanka.

Community Based biodiversity conservation for Kodigahakanda by MihithalaMithuro Environment Development Foundation.

Protection of forest fires in BelihuloyaGalagama forest reserve against forest fires with the participation of community members by JanathaTharunaPadanama(Biodivercity)

A tank based biodiversity improvement and protection project by South Asia Partnership Sri Lanka(Biodivercity)

Enhance knowledge of communities on biodiversity, the prevailing legislature and global policies through publications by Sri Lanka Field Botanists Association(Biodivercity)

Land Degradation and Sustainable Forest Management by Chavakachcheri Fruit Producers and Sales Co-operative Society (Biodivercity)

Biodiversity Conservation in BakmitiyawaTimbirigolla Forest through community participation by National Ethnic Unity Foundation (Biodivercity)

Replantation of Indigenous Plants Through Thellipalai Ayurveda Hospital and Creation of Herbal Base Livelihoods Through Mother's Clubs in the Resettlement Areas of Thellipalai DS Division, Jaffna by Kaarunya Foundation (Biodivercity)

Promote Sustainability of Environmental Biodiversity by Encouragement of Palmyra Production in Target Villages in Pachchilaipalli Division by Pachchilaipalli Development Society (Biodivercity)

Rehabilitation of Yalpotha tank and canals by Nature Conservation Foundation(Climate Change)

Promotion of Organic Home Gardens Amongst the Community of MaravanpuloGramaNiladari Division to Improve the Ecosystem Through Measures of Climate Change Adaptation- by MaravanpuloThirumagal Credit and Thrift Cooperation Society. (Climate Change)

Reducing green house gas (GHG) emissions from urban areas in Colombo by promoting environmentally sustainable transport and sustainable energy systems by Clean Air Sri Lanka (Climate Change)

Enhance Bio-Diversity and water catchment conservation through social empowerment in plantation community by Plantation Community Development Forum(International Water)

Knowledge Management, Networking and capacity building through support to the monitoring and evaluation process of projects by Tropical Eco System Research Network(Capacity Development)