Mannar Eco Friends

Knowledge Management and Capacity building for Mannar Eco Friends in Sri Lanka..

Promoting Wise Use of Marine and Coastal Habitats by Sri Lanka Turtle Conservation Project (SLTCP)

Establishment of community driven surveillance mechanisms to ensure sustainable management of Vankalai Coastal Resources while diversification its associate livelihood by Marine and Coastal Resources Conservation Foundation (MCRCF)

Enhance Healthy Future Generation by Promoting Environmental Friendly Eco System Development and Sustainable Land Use Practices by Social Economic Development Association (SEDA)

Promoting home stay based ecotourism by sustainable usage of coastal biodiversity by Zoological Students Association (ZSA)

Rehabilitation of small village Tank - Sinnakulam in Manthai, Mannar by Rajarata Eco Culture

Capacity Building and Knowledge Management of the Project Partners of GEF Small Grants Projects implemented in the Coastal Region from Mannar Island to Jaffna by Mannar Eco Friends