Partnership synergies are found at all stages of SGP operations, including programme management; capacity development; grant implementation and monitoring; resources mobilization and co-financing; advocacy; and communications. While SGP considers grantees as the core partners, others include bilateral donors, foundations, international NGOs, national and local government agencies, national environment funds, national poverty programmes, service organizations, universities, the private sector, and GEF large and medium scale and UNDP core programmes.


To be of interest to grassroots communities, projects supported by SGP need to incorporate significant components of sustainable livelihood activities that are not eligible for GEF financing. GEF requires that SGP mobilize funding to match that which it provides, with at least half to be in cash. Over 600 partner organizations now provide co-financing and other support to SGP activities.

Donors trust the flexible, country-driven SGP mechanism. Major partnership initiatives include:

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