Press Releases (Sinhala)

ADA Online 30-01-2018

Silumina 06-04-2019

Sobasara 01 -01 -2019

'Air that we breathe' National Symposium on Air Quality ( Sinhala) (5th of May 2016)

Saw dust briquettes to stop environmental pollution in Moratuwa(sinhala)

Paddy husk to replace firewood (sinhala)

Elimination of eucalyptus and pine from Welikadagama (sinhala)

Electricity to villages bordering Sinharaja forest from micro hydro project (sinhala)

A warning for welders (sinhala)

A project for removing invasive plants in Bundala National Park(sinhala)

A conservation project for threatened Duhundu plant (Sinhala)