Title Establishment of a wet zone wildlife refuge, Bellanwila- Attidiya by Organization for Aquatic Resource Management
Project Code SRL/SGP/OP5/STAR/BD/2014/29
Grant Amount: US$ 47,562.00
Grantee: Organization for Aquatic ResouceManagment
Dates: 2014-11-01 2016-07-01
Focal Area: Biodiversity
Districts: Colombo

Project Details & Results

Establishment of a Wild Life refuge consisting of animal holding facilities,accommodation facilities and other facilities for residential veterinary doctors and volunteers.

Notable Community Participation

General public is allowed to bring wounded wild animals to the facility and get them treated.

Capacity - Building Component

The state owned wildlife refuge will be renovated. More facilities will be made available through the project for the residential veterinary doctors.Animal holding area and animal cages will be established. Intensive care unit, office and accommodation facilities for veterinary doctors and volunteers will be established in container houses.

Emphasis on Sustainable Livelihoods

Not relevant

Gender Focus

Not relevant

Significant Participation of Indigenous Peoples

Not relevant

Promoting Public Awareness of Global Environment

The wildlife refuge will create public awareness on wet zone endemic and endangered species conservation through hands on experience in a wet zone habitat.Leaflets and brochures about wet zone endangered wild life will be published and disseminated to the visitors.